Quite a few folk ask which interface is used here at Moonrunner Music to interface the guitar with the computer. At present, the ‘Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface’ is being used for most of the guitar and mic sounds which enter a Windows PC computer.

To record guitars, instruments, sounds, music and so on, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo is used in conjuntion with Reaper and standalone VST guitar FX such as Positive Grid’s BIAS FX. The audio interface can be used in conjunction with your preferred recording software, VSTs and so on.

GUITAR IMPROVISATION With Lydian & Mixolydian

Improvising guitar melodies and solo licks for a potential tune which may end up as a song with lyrics or an instrumental. One kind of likes the way the Lydian mode plays off the Mixolydian mode over a droning B note which sound and tone can be manipulated with the modal sounds creating perhaps a kind of mysterious landscape. To be continued…

Guitar clips taken and edited from one long improvisational practice session in the dark depths of autumnal Somerset, UK.

SOUNDS OF THE MODES | Guitar Improvisations With Scales

‘Sounds of the modes’ was made to show the use of the modes at a simple and practical level in the hopes of breaking the mystique and any perceived complexity to those starting out using the modes in their own musical endevours.

A guitar improvisation and interpretation of the musical modes and running through the modes in sequence – Ionian (natural major), Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian (natural minor) and Locrian.

The guitar scale of each mode is also shown on screen during the guitar improvisation. The guitar scales are arranged to a three-note-per-string arrangement which is popular among many guitar players.

MOONRUNNER SOLO QUEST 2021 – Music Collaboration For All! – Backing Track & Guidelines

Welcome to the Moonrunner Solo Quest 2021 music collaboration jam. Although this channel is mainly guitar focussed, all instruments, musicians and vocalists are very welcome to participate! If you would like to participate in the solo quest, please see the guidelines below:

1 – Download music file from Dropbox. You can choose either mp3 or wav file format:
MP3 file:
WAV file:

2 – Place file into your preferred DAW or audio workstation.

3 – Record a video of you playing your solo along with recording your isolated audio solo in your prefered DAW or preferred method of recording.

4 – Send video file and isolated audio file to

5 – Please include #MoonrunnerSoloQuest2021 in any social media titles, for example, your own YouTube videos, Instagram and so on. Will be great to connect all participating musicians, etc. 🙂

If you have any queries, email and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Closing date is Wednesday 16th June 2021.


We compare the dry brushing technique with a paint wash on two concrete casted plaques with Celtic designs. [00:00] Intro. [01:10] Dark mix of acrylic paint wash on plaque pre-painted/undercoated with silver metallic paint. [04:25] Dry brushing silver metallic paint onto plaque pre-painted/undercoated with dark mix of acrylic paint. [05:44] Outro.


Today, we aim to replicate a natural and authentic looking copper patina effect using acrylic paints on a concrete statuette of a lion which was casted last year in around the Autumn/Fall time.

We use regular acrylic paints and metallic acyrlic paints combined with dry-brushing to create the desired effect!

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