We compare the dry brushing technique with a paint wash on two concrete casted plaques with Celtic designs. [00:00] Intro. [01:10] Dark mix of acrylic paint wash on plaque pre-painted/undercoated with silver metallic paint. [04:25] Dry brushing silver metallic paint onto plaque pre-painted/undercoated with dark mix of acrylic paint. [05:44] Outro.


Today, we aim to replicate a natural and authentic looking copper patina effect using acrylic paints on a concrete statuette of a lion which was casted last year in around the Autumn/Fall time.

We use regular acrylic paints and metallic acyrlic paints combined with dry-brushing to create the desired effect!

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A relatively easy, simple and effective paint effect to apply to concrete casts or many other types of casts made from varying materials besides concrete. In this video we paint a concrete casted ammonite fossil in a psychedelic or perhaps a mother-of-pearl kind of paint effect using a base coat of three pastel-esque colours and a dry-brushing of silver metallic paint over the multi-coloured base or undercoat.

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Creating a rust and corrosive metallic look and effect on a concrete skull tealight candle holder cast which was casted around September/October of this year of 2020 (videos on channel). We also paint the molten part of the concrete candle red and add hightlights to the overall concrete piece to add depth to both the skull and the dripping candle features on the ornament.

Easy OLDE WORLDE PAINT WASH Effect For Concrete Ornaments

Now the days are getting shorter and colder, we can get on with painting some of our concrete casts, pieces and ornaments which we made earlier in the year.

Starting off on our first paint job of winter 2020, we decided to go with a basic black wash over concrete to create a weather and time worn olde worlde paint wash effect!

Prior to applyng the wash, we applied concrete dusproofer/hardener which is featured in the previous video on the channel. We don’t always use the dustproofer, so results may differ if applied directly to bare or raw concrete.

Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Competition Winners & Paint Job Videos

We had three winners of the recent Netsuke Turtle-Dragon competition here at Dramamask Evolution. They all received a resin casted Turtle-Dragon to paint in whichever way they chose and sent their videos of painting the figures to Dramamask to compile this video of their unique paint jobs.

Thank you to all competition participants and thank you so much for your videos of your wonderful paint jobs of the Netsuke. Thank you for making this competition a success and look out for more competitions at Dramamask Evolution in the future! 🙂 If you enjoyed this video, please like and share. 🙂

Part Two | 1/35 Mechanical Female Soldier Resin Garage Kit | Paint Job

The second and final part in this short series featuring the mechanical female soldier garage kit. In this video we paint the model creating a kind of worn look and metallic effects with a finished cyberpunk and perhaps steampunk theme. We employ both washes and the faithful dry brushing technique to create the paint effects on the science fiction model.

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