Basic LED Lighting

Basic and brief video talking about LED lighting and demonstrations, including the basic use of fibre optic cable, basic LED light electronic circuits using 3V and 9V batteries, plus incorporating resistors into circuits where appropriate.

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January Update 2019 | Happy New Year | Arts & Crafts | 2018 Review

Happy new year to you all and I hope everybody has an excellent 2019!

Just a quick video wishing everybody a great 2019, plus clips of some of the projects and creations by Dramamask Evolution throughout 2018.

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Revell Star Wars TIE Interceptor Model Kit | Build & Paint

In this video we build and paint a Revell 1:90 scale TIE Interceptor model kit from Star Wars (specifically Return of the Jedi).

From constructing the model using model glue, plus painting the model with acrylic paints.

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Fairy Door Crafts & Projects | Full Series

Fairy door crafts & projects full series video including archives and extras.

Part One (0:00) – Make A Fairy Door With Monster Clay.
Make a fairy door using clay. In this video a small fairy door is sculpted from Monster Clay Soft in view of making a slicone mold to reproduce further replicas from the original.

Part Two (18:22) – Pour A Silicone Mold.
Make a silicone rubber mold for a fairy door by pouring measured silicone component parts into mold house to create a mold of a model.

Part Three (25:51) – Casting With Polyester Resin.
The process of casting polyester resin is shown using silicone molds (part two) to pour the polyester casting resin into, to create solid polyester resin casts.

Part Four (32:56) – Casting With Concrete.
In this video, we use a silicone mold, made in part two, to cast a concrete fairy door.

Part Five (35:04) – Paint A Fairy Door.
Showing the painting process on a fairy door. This is the way in which we paint many items here and of course there is a vast variety of ways to paint pieces and castings.

Archives & Extras:

Part Six (41:29) – Make A Fairy Door With Recycled Items.
Make a fairy or faerie door using objects around the house and garden. Most of the items in this fairy door are used with recycled items, including a ring pull from a tin can and stones or rocks from the garden.

Part Seven (1:01:17) – Concrete Cast From Latex Mold.
You can make your latex mold from a fairy door sculpture or cast. Simply pour the concrete into the mold and wait around 24 hours for the concrete to set.

Part Eight (1:06:19) – Paint A Fairy Door II.
In this video a fairy door is painted using dry brush techniques along with regular painting techniques. The fairy door is made with concrete and is casted from an original fairy door created by Dramamask Evolution.

Part Nine (1:14:58) – Fairy Door Speed Paint.
Experimenting with painting a fairy door casted with plaster of Paris.

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Molding & Casting | Silicone | Fibreglass | Gelcoat | Full Series

Molding and casting full series 4-part video.

Part One (0:00) – Make A One Piece Brush On Silicone Mold.

Make a silicone mold by brushing on layers of silicone to create a one piece mold. Using Polycraft silicone rubber, catalyst and thickener to create the mold, and adhesive aluminium tape, along with foam core to create base and flange template.

Part Two (11:12) – Make A Fibreglass Mother Mold For Silicone Mold.

This video shows how to make a one-piece fibreglass mother mold for a brush on silicone mold. Materials used: fibreglass polyester resin and MEKP catalyst, plus fibreglass matting.

Part Three (23:32) – Cleaning Up Silicone Mold & Fibreglass Mother Mold.

Cleaning up both the silicone mold and the fibreglass mother mold in this molding video series.

Part Four (28:59) – Casting With Gelcoat & Fibreglass.

Making a fibreglass cast using gelcoat, fibreglass matting and polyester resin. The fibreglass cast is casted from a silicone mold, housed in a fibreglass mother mold. The mold is made from a model of a fish.

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Tanglewood Winterleaf TW4 WB Electro-Acoustic Guitar Review

Review of the Tanglewood Winterleaf TW4 WB Electro-Acoustic guitar.

Shape: Super Folk Cutaway
Top: Solid Spruce
Back: Mahogany
Sides: Mahogany
Neck (Material): Mahogany
Fingerboard: Techwood
Bridge: Techwood
Binding: Maple
Saddle: Nubone, Compensating
Nut (Width): Nubone (43mm)
Scale Length: 650mm
Machine Heads: Chrome Grover
Finish: Whiskey Barrel Gloss
EQ: B-Band M-450T
Strings: D’Addario EXP16
UPC: 810944018944
Upper Bout Width: 276mm
Lower Bout Width: 378mm
Waist Width: 232mm
Body Depth (Top): 95mm
Body Depth (Bottom): 110mm
Body Length: 480mm
Total Length: 1010mm

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