Agoraphobic Nomad | Focus and Refocus #2 Mind Exercise

Focus and Refocus #2 Mind Exercise

To illustrate how the mind will give you, or reflect back at you from the outside world, from what you consciously focus on, here is a simple mind exercise which will demonstrate this fact:

Wherever you are, whether sat in a room, out and about, or wherever you may be, consciously think of a colour. While thinking of your chosen colour, notice how all the objects in your environment with this particular chosen colour, seem to ‘pop’ out or resonate with far more emphasis in relation to the objects which are not of the chosen colour. For example, if you choose to think of yellow, all the objects coloured yellow will seem to be highlighted, with everything ‘not’ coloured yellow, fading into the background. You may also notice that this exercise seems to take no effort to little effort to achieve the results stated here.

In essence, by practicing this technique for long enough and focussing on the colour of your choice, which in this case/example would be yellow, will result in seeing a world of full of yellow objects, or at least will be the dominant colour being reflected back at you from the ‘outside’ world. The conscious process of practicing focus on the colour will eventually transfer into the ‘automatic’ part of the mind, thus becoming a habitual ‘program’ or learned skill.

This mind exercise shows in a simple way, how what we focus on will affect how we see the world around us and applies to everything we choose to focus on. Unwittingly, we all use this method of thinking and somewhere along the line, all of us who developed anxiety conditions focussed on the feelings of anxiety at the expense of all the positive things which we have in our lives. We gradually, over time, created a world which reflected mostly or only anxiety back at us.

The good news is, we can use the same method to train our minds to focus on what we want reflected back to us. Again, this will take practice, in the same way we unwittingly practiced focussing on the feelings of anxiety and an anxiety provoking world at the onset of our ‘condition’.

Another wonderful aspect of this method and once the realisation of how this part of your mind works becomes knowledge through experience, is that you find you have a choice in how you wish to see the world, or your own world. Some of us choose to see beauty in the world, whereas others choose to see the world as a depressing place to live. Both view points in reality are most likely true and to ignore the ‘bad’ things (for example, injustice, cruelty, etc.) which happen in life would be morally wrong from my point of view, but what I am talking about here is strengthening the part of ourselves which sees the positive aspects of the world and of our lives at a healthy psychological level. I am not promoting apathy. I am promoting a healthy mind which benefits the individual and who/what the individual is associated with. I believe by developing a healthy mind, strengthening a positive view of ourselves and of the world around us puts us in a stronger position to deal with the ‘darker’ aspects of reality, including our anxieties, concerns and so on. This is the way I ‘choose’ to see things and of course everybody is different and everybody can choose their own realities in which they wish to live, for better or for worse – I choose the better!

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Agoraphobic Nomad | Focus and Refocus #2 Mind Exercise

  1. This sounds helpful mate. I will try this. I have suffered with anxiety like yourself for most of my life. It got to a level several months back where my mind and body felt utter terror for most of the day, and eventually i tried to take my life by slitting my wrists. Luckily for me its a slow and inn efficient method of ending your life, and I am still here today. I still feel the terror and urge to end my life nearly every day, but struggle on telling myself i am slowly getting better. I have more good hours of the day than bad, although sometimes it gets on top of me and i wonder why i bother. I’m currently reading about Trauma Release Exercises, which i’m trying myself. Only been a few days of trying this, so not sure if it is helping or not. Hope you are doing better these days marra. Thanks for sharing you experiences 😉

    • I am very sorry you have experienced and experience what you have and are experiencing. Do you have any help and/or support? Very good to hear you have more good hours in the day than bad. Have you been doing any art or creative things? You know I saw some of your creations on YouTube and you have a talent there! I think there are quite a few tools to employ to help and get on the road to recovery. I’m not out of the woods as of yet, but am a whole lot better than I was a while back. I think having a good purpose in life is very important, but if you’re feeling realy bad, just do as much as you can manage each day, as in good things. Also, don’t give yourself a hard time about things and look after yourself emotionally and in all ways. 🙂

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