TIE Fighter | Revell Star Wars 1:110 Scale Model Kit | Full Series

Part One (00:00): Building the original Star Wars TIE Fighter 1:110 scale model kit by Revell. In this video we prepare the model parts. paint & assemble the cockpit and get ready to paint and assemble the whole model in the following part of this video series. Part Two (08:09): In this video we paint the Revell TIE Fighter 1:110 scale model using a cast iron metallic paint along with paint washes and wiping techniques.

1:35 Scale Mechanical Female Soldier Figure Model | Build & Paint | Full Series

Part One (00:00): Building and assembling a 1/35 scale mechanical female soldier resin garage kit. Sussing out where each part goes as no instructions supplied with kit. Part Two (14:53): Painting the model to create a kind of worn effect and metallic effects with a finished cyberpunk and perhaps steampunk theme. We employ both washes and the faithful dry brushing technique to create the paint effects on the science fiction model.