April Update 2019 | Painting Effects | Concrete | Resin | Molding | Garage Model Kits

Quick update video for April 2019 including topics such as painting effects, molds and model kits.

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March Update 2019 | Fibreglass & Molds | Electonics & LEDs | Creative Cakes

March 2019 update video about fibreglass and mold making, electronics and LEDs and Darren Lee’s creative birthday cake!

February Update 2019 | Alien Sculpt | Mother Molds | LED Stuff

Quick update for February 2019 from snowy Somerset, England! Just a short ramble about upcoming projects and videos for February, including an alien sculpt with Monster Clay, LED lighting and fibreglass mother molds.

Stay warm and safe! 🙂

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January Update 2019 | Happy New Year | Arts & Crafts | 2018 Review

Happy new year to you all and I hope everybody has an excellent 2019!

Just a quick video wishing everybody a great 2019, plus clips of some of the projects and creations by Dramamask Evolution throughout 2018.