Dramamask Evolution YEAR IN REVIEW 2020

A year in review video for 2020. Short video clips capturing from January to December featuring molding, casting and sculpting projects throughout the year and of course, cameo appearances from Astrocat!

From using resin to concrete, latex to silicone and materials to build and sculpt models for molding, casting and more…

Drama’s Q&A | DECEMBER 2020 | CAN YOU USE RESIN IN LATEX MOLDS? | Plus Year Review

Happy Christmas to everybody and in this video we talk about using resin in latex molds and 2020 in review on the channel! Wishing everybody well and thank you to everybody who has supported the channel! Will be working on improved videos for 2021 and the future! 🙂

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Drama’s Q&A | NOVEMBER 2020 | Buying Latex Molds On Ebay | Rozani Designs | Eddie Van Halen Tribute

(00:00) In this month’s video we talk about and answer recurring questions on the channel about buying latex molds from Ebay and/or online. (05:21) Shout out to Rozani of Rozani Designs Masquerade and a (05:53) guitar tribute from Dramamask Evolution and Moonrunner Music to Edward Van Halen.

Rozani’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fh8YEb5OhNbNluUJcBb4A

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Drama’s Q&A | September 2020 | Cutting Corners | Concrete Casting | Diamond Painting Kit

Update and Q&A for the month of September 2020. In this video we talk about cutting corners with concrete casting, concrete mixes, etc, recent and upcoming projects, including the snowspeeder model kit and reviewing a diamond painting kit.

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