*Competition Closed* 3 Winners! Win A Turtle-Dragon. Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Challenge Competition.

This competition is now closed and we have 3 winners! 🙂

I thought I’d put up a challenge/competition as an experiment and if this proves to be a success, I will continue with similar competitions and challenges in the future! 🙂

This is the very first challenge and a small one for starters. We have three Netsuke Turtle-Dragons up for grabs. All you need to do is write “I want a turtle-dragon” in the comments below and the first three people who do this will win a Turtle-Dragon casted by Dramamask with resin.

The condition to entering the challenge competition is once the entrant has won the resin Turtle-Dragon and has received the item via post, they need to paint the Netsuke figure and make a video and send the video to Dramamask at maskdrama@gmail.com A video is preferred, but will accept photos of your finished painted Turtle-Dragon also! 🙂

Do not enter your address in the YouTube comments section. When the three winners have won their resin figures, send your address to maskdrama@gmail.com and from there we can send you the resin figurine by post. All addresses and information will be kept private.

Dramamask Evolution reserves the right to terminate the competition and/or challenge at any time for any reason.

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Build A Plaque | Part One

A nice and simple way to build a plaque model by embedding objects into plaster of Paris.

In this case we use a skull model to embed into the plaster of Paris to make the plaque model, which will then be molded to make further replicas of the plaque which will be casted in materials such as concrete and resin.

This plaque model template will also be useful for embellishing with designs to create other unique plaque designs.

Epoxy Water Clear Resin Finishes

In this video we use Polycraft Clear Top 5 Water Clear Resin to create a lovely glass like finish to items including fluid painted tiles and hand painted pebbles.

Thank you to the crew at Millbrook Arts & Crafts Group! 🙂

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Fluid/Flow Painting & Marble Effects

In this video, Dot walks us through the process of fluid painting or flow painting using acrylics and the ingredients needed to create this effect, plus marbling tiles and objects by dipping the objects into ionised /ionized water with special acrylic paint floating on the surface of the water.

Special thank you to Dot and Gina for demonstrating the process of flow/fluid/pour painting and marble effects! 🙂

Thank you to the crew at Millbrook Arts & Crafts Group! 🙂

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Revell Star Wars TIE Interceptor Model Kit | Build & Paint

In this video we build and paint a Revell 1:90 scale TIE Interceptor model kit from Star Wars (specifically Return of the Jedi).

From constructing the model using model glue, plus painting the model with acrylic paints.

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