Palm muting for guitar crash course. In this video we take a look at palm muting and implement the technique in various ways.This video includes some basic and intermediate palm muting techniques for those wanting to know what palm muting is and how to do it.

There are some familar riffs used as examples in the video and if you can guess the bands/musicians who played them and the songs names, let us know what you think they are in the comments below. 🙂

The MOST PLAYED GUITAR LICK In Rock History! With Tabs

Featured in this video is arguably the most played guitar lick ever played in rock history! A three string guitar lick with four notes played from the minor pentatonic scale shape which you may find familiar from many rock songs throughout the years and decades, spanning both the 20th and 21st centuries and spanning many genres of music beyond rock, including pop, metal, hard rock and the list goes on! The lick has it’s origins in blues music hence the minor pentatonic.

If you can name some famous songs where this lick makes an appearance, let us know about it in the comments below!

Rock on brothers and sisters! 🙂

Bite Sized Licks | DESCENDING LEGATO LICK | With Guitar Tab

Manipulating a Mixolydian 3-note per string scale shape to use as a natural minor (or Aeolian) legato run, descending across all 6 strings on the guitar. We resolve the legato run on the second note of the Mixolydian, thus giving it the natural minor sound and/or tone. You can obviously experiment with resolving on different notes to change the tone and feel of the descending legato exercise.

Guitar tab is shown on screen where we practice the legato exercise in the key of C# minor. There are other guitar examples in other keys shown up and down the neck and you can improvise wherever you like all over the neck and in all music keys.

There is an on-screen diagram showing the Mixolydian 3-note per string scale and of course, guitar tab or tablature showing the actual legato run for you to see and practice.

You may be familiar with this particular legato run and this video is for all those hard rocking amigos and amigas out there! 🙂

Rock on brothers and sisters! 🙂