Easy OLDE WORLDE PAINT WASH Effect For Concrete Ornaments

Now the days are getting shorter and colder, we can get on with painting some of our concrete casts, pieces and ornaments which we made earlier in the year.

Starting off on our first paint job of winter 2020, we decided to go with a basic black wash over concrete to create a weather and time worn olde worlde paint wash effect!

Prior to applyng the wash, we applied concrete dusproofer/hardener which is featured in the previous video on the channel. We don’t always use the dustproofer, so results may differ if applied directly to bare or raw concrete.

Casting An Ammonite Fossil In Concrete

The final part in the series of molding & casting an ammonite fossil. In this video, we finally get around to casting the fossil in concrete and we also make a cast with plaster of Paris.

The video footage is taken from two existing videos on the channel which feature concrete and plaster of Paris casting. There are also two other parts to go with this fossil casting video which are making the latex mold and making the mother mold with fibreglass.

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Drama’s Q&A | September 2020 | Cutting Corners | Concrete Casting | Diamond Painting Kit

Update and Q&A for the month of September 2020. In this video we talk about cutting corners with concrete casting, concrete mixes, etc, recent and upcoming projects, including the snowspeeder model kit and reviewing a diamond painting kit.

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