AEQ-200T Guitar Tuner Not Working?

Have you been frustrated that the guitar tuner on the AEQ-200T doesn’t seem to work? The AEQ-200T can be found on Ibanez Talman electro-acoustic guitars and can be bought as a separate guitar EQ and tuner.

Simply plug in your guitar lead and the guitar tuner for the AEQ-200T will light up, activate and will be ready to use! 🙂 Slightly annoying, as I think most of use would agree that we would like the tuner to work without having to plug a lead into the guitar input.

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Part Two | Make A Celtic Mirror | Making The Mold

Part two in the series of making a Celtic mirror frame. In this video we make the mold using silicone. The mold in this video was kind of improvised as we went along and as always, there are so many ways to achieve similar results. In hindsight, we should have planned making this mold by perhaps adding inserts and plugs, but the mold ended up as a functional silicone mold in the end. 🙂

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