Drama’s Q&A | DECEMBER 2020 | CAN YOU USE RESIN IN LATEX MOLDS? | Plus Year Review

Happy Christmas to everybody and in this video we talk about using resin in latex molds and 2020 in review on the channel! Wishing everybody well and thank you to everybody who has supported the channel! Will be working on improved videos for 2021 and the future! 🙂

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Easy OLDE WORLDE PAINT WASH Effect For Concrete Ornaments

Now the days are getting shorter and colder, we can get on with painting some of our concrete casts, pieces and ornaments which we made earlier in the year.

Starting off on our first paint job of winter 2020, we decided to go with a basic black wash over concrete to create a weather and time worn olde worlde paint wash effect!

Prior to applyng the wash, we applied concrete dusproofer/hardener which is featured in the previous video on the channel. We don’t always use the dustproofer, so results may differ if applied directly to bare or raw concrete.


In this video we try out a product by Bond It called Dustproofer & Hardener for concrete surfaces. The product is designed for concrete floors, but we wanted to try it out on concrete ornaments, pieces and statuary to see if there are some beneficial results.

Bond-It BDH090 Dustproofer & Hardener (5 Ltr) Hardens and Dustproofs concrete flooring on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2ILeeET

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Part One | DIAMOND PAINTING KIT | Dream Landscape Ship In Night Sky

If you would like to purchase this diamond painting kit or any other kit at Victoria’s Moon, please visit https://victoriasmoon.co.uk and for a 10% discount, please use code: J27BR8ZXTXS5

In this video we take a look at a 5D diamond painting kit kindly supplied to us by Victorias Moon with the title ‘Dream Landscape Ship In Night Sky’.

Diamond painting kit used in video (50cm X 50cm/square drill): https://victoriasmoon.co.uk/products/2019-dream-landscape-ship-in-night-sky-5d-diy-diamond-painting-kits-uk-vm8136

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Drama’s Q&A | NOVEMBER 2020 | Buying Latex Molds On Ebay | Rozani Designs | Eddie Van Halen Tribute

(00:00) In this month’s video we talk about and answer recurring questions on the channel about buying latex molds from Ebay and/or online. (05:21) Shout out to Rozani of Rozani Designs Masquerade and a (05:53) guitar tribute from Dramamask Evolution and Moonrunner Music to Edward Van Halen.

Rozani’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5fh8YEb5OhNbNluUJcBb4A

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FILLING BUG HOLES In Concrete Ornaments & Pieces

Filling bug holes in concrete ornaments, statuary and pieces. In this video we mix cement at a ratio of 2 parts sand to 1 part cement, add a small amount of PVA glue/bonder and a small amount of washing up liquid/dish-soap to act as a plasticizer/plasticiser (plus water) to fill the bug holes which were present in the concrete pieces as a result of trapped air not being succesfully released and/or tapped/vibrated out during the pouring process.

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4 Halloween projects and activities for that creepy and spooky time of year!

00:00 Project One – Cartoonesque Pumpkin Carving. Satan narrates us through this year’s pumpkin carving for Halloween in October. The pumpkin design in this video might look on the kind of cute side, compared with perhaps more traditional types of pumpkin carnings, but as Satan points out – looks can be deceiving! 🙂

07:24 Project Two – Grotesque Eye Gore. Satan narrates another video for Halloween with creating horror special effects using skin safe latex, a fake plastic eyeball, colours and more to create this grotesque eye, oozing with blood, pus and gore! Totally gross! 😀

16:20 Project Three – Spooky Apples. Instead of pumpkins we experimented with carving Granny Smith apples for Halloween. Satan is back to narrate and guide through the process for this year’s fun Halloween special and capers with spooky apples!

20:42 Project Four – Sinister & Traditional Pumpkin Carving. Carve a traditional scary pumpkin head for Halloween. Eyes, nose, teeth and mouth, with particular attention to the teeth!

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