Connect ALESIS V25 MIDI KEYBOARD To iPad Or iPhone & PC Windows 10

This is a quick video showing how to easily connect your Alesis V25 MIDI keyboard/controller to an iPad, an iPhone and PC Windows 10. The video was made for my dad, so he can see how to connect his Alesis V25, but is also uploaded for those who might benefit from the video also. 🙂

Revisiting The ZOOM G2.1u Guitar Effects Pedal

Taking a look at the Zoom G2.1u guitar effects pedal in a nostalgic playthrough of some of the effects on this maginificent value for money multi-effects guitar pedal.

I wanted to make a kind of tribute video for the Zoom G2.1u and it has served me well over the years and over one decade. I have played live with this trusty pedal and have also use other Zoom products such as the Zoom 9000 and the Zoom 505 which stretches back over 30 years from when I owned the Zoom 9000.

The Zoom G2.1u in this video will be given to my mum, as she is wanting to learn the guitar! 🙂

THE LAST ALCHEMIST Isolated MIDI Synth Played Via FISHMAN TriplePlay CONNECT MIDI Guitar Controller

Isolated MIDI track from The Last Alchemist. MIDI recording created from guitar via the Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI guitar controller. Audio and MIDI recorded in Reaper and using Rewire in Reaper to link up with Ableton for the MIDI to trigger synth sounds in Ableton and through Reaper.


Using the Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI guitar controller fitted to an Aiersi APS guitar and playing a guitar instrumental called ‘The Last Alchemist’. The TriplePlay Connect MIDI pickup is fitted to the guitar at the bridge with the controller attached to the guitar body.

The MIDI controller is used to trigger synth sounds in Ableton and recorded in Reaper DAW along with the original guitar sound with guitar effects used from EZmix 2.

JAM TRACK | Rock | 173 BPM

Jam track or backing track for guitar or any instrument to jam along with and taken from a music track called ‘Super Ego’ which is featured on the Moonrunner Music channel. Music written by Angel Rust. 4/4 or common time signature. 173 BPM. Main key is A with a section in Bm. Rock style music.

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Quite a few folk ask which interface is used here at Moonrunner Music to interface the guitar with the computer. At present, the ‘Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface’ is being used for most of the guitar and mic sounds which enter a Windows PC computer.

To record guitars, instruments, sounds, music and so on, the Focusrite Scarlett Solo is used in conjuntion with Reaper and standalone VST guitar FX such as Positive Grid’s BIAS FX. The audio interface can be used in conjunction with your preferred recording software, VSTs and so on.

GUITAR IMPROVISATION With Lydian & Mixolydian

Improvising guitar melodies and solo licks for a potential tune which may end up as a song with lyrics or an instrumental. One kind of likes the way the Lydian mode plays off the Mixolydian mode over a droning B note which sound and tone can be manipulated with the modal sounds creating perhaps a kind of mysterious landscape. To be continued…

Guitar clips taken and edited from one long improvisational practice session in the dark depths of autumnal Somerset, UK.