Cypher Zero – Cypher Zero (Full Album 2022)

The self-titled debut album by Cypher Zero features sounds inspired by electronica, EDM, synthwave, electrorock, electropunk and traditional forms of Earth rock and punk along with alien trinkets, vibes and soundscapes.

From the nu-disco vibes of ‘Intergalactic’ to the electro rock vibes of ‘Subdivide’, interwoven with the 80s retro synthwave vibes of the self-titled melodic synth track ‘Cypher Zero’ and the 8-bit & 16-bit gaming nostalgia of ‘Insert Coin’, to the ambient and chillout tones of a cyberpunk interpretation of ‘Sisyphus’ of Greek mythology and the hypnotic-downtempo-otherworldly, but familiar ‘Regenerate’, symbolising the transience, not only of Cypher Zero, but the transient nature of sentients living on Earth and across the universe.

Moonrunner Music YEAR IN REVIEW 2020

Moonrunner Music Year In Review 2020. Channel clips from January – December of 2020 including lots of guitar related stuff, collabs, video chats with musicians, tributes, gear, jamming, demos and lots more…

2020 has also seen the passing of legendary musicians incluidng Neil Peart of Rush, Edward Van Halen, Kenny Rogers, Bill Rieflin, Bill Withers, Paul Chapman, Peter Green, Pete Way, Frankie Banali, Lee Kerslake, Johnny Nash, Ken Hensley & Leslie West. This is just to name a few who were the most familiar to myself and there were many more musical legends who sadly passed this year in 2020.

Wishing everbody a great and prosperous 2021 from Moonrunner Music!

1000 Subscribers! THANK YOU From Moonrunner Music!

Moonrunner Music just passed the 1000 subscriber milestone on the 23rd of December at the exact same time as uploading the ambient instrumental electric guitar renditiion of the Christmas carol Silent Night.

This video is to say thank you to all who have subscribed and helped Moonrunner Music along its way! Thank you very much! It is very much appreciated and we will be looking forward to 2021 where lots of new videos will be created and uploaded to the Moonrunner YouTube channel, including gear, reviews, guitar, tabs, music videos, technique and lots more…


Using the Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI guitar controller fitted to an Aiersi APS guitar and playing a guitar instrumental called ‘The Last Alchemist’. The TriplePlay Connect MIDI pickup is fitted to the guitar at the bridge with the controller attached to the guitar body.

The MIDI controller is used to trigger synth sounds in Ableton and recorded in Reaper DAW along with the original guitar sound with guitar effects used from EZmix 2.

MOONRUNNER SOLO QUEST 2021 – Music Collaboration For All! – Backing Track & Guidelines

Welcome to the Moonrunner Solo Quest 2021 music collaboration jam. Although this channel is mainly guitar focussed, all instruments, musicians and vocalists are very welcome to participate! If you would like to participate in the solo quest, please see the guidelines below:

1 – Download music file from Dropbox. You can choose either mp3 or wav file format:
MP3 file:
WAV file:

2 – Place file into your preferred DAW or audio workstation.

3 – Record a video of you playing your solo along with recording your isolated audio solo in your prefered DAW or preferred method of recording.

4 – Send video file and isolated audio file to

5 – Please include #MoonrunnerSoloQuest2021 in any social media titles, for example, your own YouTube videos, Instagram and so on. Will be great to connect all participating musicians, etc. 🙂

If you have any queries, email and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. Closing date is Wednesday 16th June 2021.

Represent YOUR Country By RIFFING! | Bradley Hall Collab | Moonrunner Mark – England #globoriff

My guitar effort from sunny Somerset in ‘England and the United Kingdom on Planet Earth! Bradley Hall’s ‘Represent YOUR Country By Riffing’ music collaboration. Bradley Hall’s YouTube channel:


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