GUITAR IMPROVISATION With Lydian & Mixolydian

Improvising guitar melodies and solo licks for a potential tune which may end up as a song with lyrics or an instrumental. One kind of likes the way the Lydian mode plays off the Mixolydian mode over a droning B note which sound and tone can be manipulated with the modal sounds creating perhaps a kind of mysterious landscape. To be continued…

Guitar clips taken and edited from one long improvisational practice session in the dark depths of autumnal Somerset, UK.

Modes For Guitar #5 | Mixolydian Mode | Three Notes Per String Scale | With Tab

Fifth in the series of modes for guitar. In this video we go through the Mixolydian mode which can be applied to many styles of music and you may hear it in traditional folk, modern pop, rock music and more. The guitar scales in this series have three notes per string which may be advantageous in some styles of playing.

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