Modes For Guitar #3 | Phrygian Mode | Three Notes Per String Scale

Third in the series of modes for guitar. In this video we have a look at the Phrygian mode which has a kind of Spanish and Eastern sound and can be applied to many styles of music. The guitar scales in this series have three notes per string which may be advantageous in some styles of playing.

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Moonrunner Experience #2 | Phone Apps | Metronome | Online Resources For Guitarists & Musicians

In this video we look at some phone apps, online resources and more, which may aid with developing as a guitarist, musician, etc, including a metronome app, slowing down YouTube videos to help learn music at a slower tempo, online music collaborating and more.

Some phone apps are a bit hit and miss, but there are some useful apps out there.

This video just covers a tiny portion of what is available out there online and what is available with phone apps and we just look at a few things in this video which has been helpful to us at Moonrunner Music, plus apps which may not have been so good! 🙂

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AEQ-200T Guitar Tuner Not Working?

Have you been frustrated that the guitar tuner on the AEQ-200T doesn’t seem to work? The AEQ-200T can be found on Ibanez Talman electro-acoustic guitars and can be bought as a separate guitar EQ and tuner.

Simply plug in your guitar lead and the guitar tuner for the AEQ-200T will light up, activate and will be ready to use! 🙂 Slightly annoying, as I think most of use would agree that we would like the tuner to work without having to plug a lead into the guitar input.

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Bite Sized Riffs | Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun | Main Guitar Riff

Bite sized riffs series. Main riff for guitar with guitar tab and playing video. This is a guitar interpretation of the main riff from Cyndi Lauper’s classic 80s song ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’.

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Ibanez RG370AHMZ-BMT Guitar Review

Short review and demo of the Ibanez RG370AHMZ-BMT electric guitar in blue moon burst finish.

Neck type: Wizard III Maple neck.
Body: Ash body.
Fretboard: Maple fretboard w/Black dot inlay.
Fret: Jumbo frets.
Bridge: Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge w/ZPS3Fe.
Neck pickup: Quantum (H) neck pickup.
Middle pickup: Quantum (S) middle pickup.
Bridge pickup: Quantum (H) bridge pickup.
Hardware colour: Cosmo black.

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Aiersi ARS-24 Slimline Guitar Review

In this video we take a look at the new Aiersi ARS-24 launched in 2019.

Solid mahogany body with maple veneer.
Solid maple neck with carbon rods and 2-way truss-rod.
Light slimline body.
Made in China with Korean made hardware parts and pick-ups.

Bite Sized Riffs | Dokken – Dream Warriors | Intro & Verse Guitars

Bite sized riffs series. Intro and verse guitar tablature shown and played in this video. Guitar interpretation of Dokken’s classic song for the third installment of the 1980s Nightmare On Elm Steet film ‘Dream Warriors’.

Backing track with clean guitar: 3:13
Backing track with distorted guitar: 4:24