Floating Eyeball | Drawing & Painting In Procreate

The first video in the series of drawing and painting in Procreate on the Apple iPad. In this video we draw and paint a floating eyeball using the elipse tool, airbrush tool, along with many other features in procreate. We also create a shadow giving the impression of a floating three dimensional eyeball.

An iPad Mini 5 is used in the video to create the artwork along with the Apple Pencil. Of course, the image in this video can also be created using Procreate on the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air series. If you enjoyed this video, please like and share. 🙂

Netsuke Turtle-Dragon Competition Winners & Paint Job Videos

We had three winners of the recent Netsuke Turtle-Dragon competition here at Dramamask Evolution. They all received a resin casted Turtle-Dragon to paint in whichever way they chose and sent their videos of painting the figures to Dramamask to compile this video of their unique paint jobs.

Thank you to all competition participants and thank you so much for your videos of your wonderful paint jobs of the Netsuke. Thank you for making this competition a success and look out for more competitions at Dramamask Evolution in the future! 🙂 If you enjoyed this video, please like and share. 🙂

Part Two | 1/35 Mechanical Female Soldier Resin Garage Kit | Paint Job

The second and final part in this short series featuring the mechanical female soldier garage kit. In this video we paint the model creating a kind of worn look and metallic effects with a finished cyberpunk and perhaps steampunk theme. We employ both washes and the faithful dry brushing technique to create the paint effects on the science fiction model.

If you enjoyed this video, please like and share. 🙂

Psychedelic Snail | Drawing & Painting In Procreate

Drawing and painting a psychedelic snail in Procreate on the iPad Mini 5. Starting out with a photo of a snail and tracing the outline to create a unique psychedelic snail in a psychedelic universe! 🙂

I am thinking about doing more indepth videos to do with drawing in Procreate using an iPad. I am not sure whether to put the videos on this channel or my other channel at Dramamask Evolution. Let me know if this is something which interests you and will do more Procreate and iPad drawing/painting videos. If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and subscribe!