GUITAR IMPROVISATION With Lydian & Mixolydian

Improvising guitar melodies and solo licks for a potential tune which may end up as a song with lyrics or an instrumental. One kind of likes the way the Lydian mode plays off the Mixolydian mode over a droning B note which sound and tone can be manipulated with the modal sounds creating perhaps a kind of mysterious landscape. To be continued…

Guitar clips taken and edited from one long improvisational practice session in the dark depths of autumnal Somerset, UK.

Finding Guitar Melodies & Licks Via Improv For Spring Water

Trying to find guitar melodies, licks and ideas via improvisation for a new song called ‘Spring Water’. While improvising to tease out ideas, many a bum-note is played and included in this warts n’ all video! They say you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs! Not sure if that is a good analogy or not! Anyway, this is how I would go about finding melodies and ideas to go with a music track.

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