Fluid/Flow Painting & Marble Effects

In this video, Dot walks us through the process of fluid painting or flow painting using acrylics and the ingredients needed to create this effect, plus marbling tiles and objects by dipping the objects into ionised /ionized water with special acrylic paint floating on the surface of the water.

Special thank you to Dot and Gina for demonstrating the process of flow/fluid/pour painting and marble effects! 🙂

Thank you to the crew at Millbrook Arts & Crafts Group! 🙂

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March Update 2019 | Fibreglass & Molds | Electonics & LEDs | Creative Cakes

March 2019 update video about fibreglass and mold making, electronics and LEDs and Darren Lee’s creative birthday cake!

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Fibreglass Mother Mold For Latex Leaf Mold

In this video we make a supporting mother mold for a latex leaf mold using fibreglass.

A concrete cast of a Gunnera leaf is used to make the latex leaf mold and you can find more videos on this channel related to making concrete leaves, latex molds, mother molds, etc.

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Museweaver | On Our Wings

Music collaboration with Museweaver.

Mykk Freeman – Song Writing/Arrangement, Midi.
Bob Campbell – Lyrics & Vocals.
Mark Adams – Guitars.
Jorge Paulo – Bass.
Berg Drummer – Drums & Percussion.

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Aiersi ARS-24 Slimline Guitar Review

In this video we take a look at the new Aiersi ARS-24 launched in 2019.

Solid mahogany body with maple veneer.
Solid maple neck with carbon rods and 2-way truss-rod.
Light slimline body.
Made in China with Korean made hardware parts and pick-ups.

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Bite Sized Riffs | Dokken – Dream Warriors | Intro & Verse Guitars

Bite sized riffs series. Intro and verse guitar tablature shown and played in this video. Guitar interpretation of Dokken’s classic song for the third installment of the 1980s Nightmare On Elm Steet film ‘Dream Warriors’.

Backing track with clean guitar: 3:13
Backing track with distorted guitar: 4:24

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