March Update 2019 | Fibreglass & Molds | Electonics & LEDs | Creative Cakes

March 2019 update video about fibreglass and mold making, electronics and LEDs and Darren Lee’s creative birthday cake!

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February Update 2019 | Alien Sculpt | Mother Molds | LED Stuff

Quick update for February 2019 from snowy Somerset, England! Just a short ramble about upcoming projects and videos for February, including an alien sculpt with Monster Clay, LED lighting and fibreglass mother molds.

Stay warm and safe! 🙂

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Basic LED Lighting

Basic and brief video talking about LED lighting and demonstrations, including the basic use of fibre optic cable, basic LED light electronic circuits using 3V and 9V batteries, plus incorporating resistors into circuits where appropriate.

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Update May 2018 | Resin | Concrete | Painting | Etsy | Projects

Dramamask Evolution update video for May 2018. Including resin casts and painting, LED and resin experiments, items on Etsy and more…

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Music by Angel Rust

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