Dramamask Evolution YEAR IN REVIEW 2020

A year in review video for 2020. Short video clips capturing from January to December featuring molding, casting and sculpting projects throughout the year and of course, cameo appearances from Astrocat!

From using resin to concrete, latex to silicone and materials to build and sculpt models for molding, casting and more…

Molding & Casting A 500 MILLION YEAR OLD FOSSIL | Full Series

Molding and casting an ammonite fossil which is around 500 million years old. There are actually two annomite fossils embedded in the original rock formation – one small ammonite and a larger one. In this series of videos we make a latex mold of the original fossil, build a fibreglass mother mold and cast a replica of the fossil using concrete and plaster of Paris.

Part One 00:00 – Making The Latex Mold. Making a latex mold from a 500 million year old ammonite fossil. In this video a mold is made using layers of latex. The fossil mold in this video also needs a seam incorporated into the mold for ease of demolding casts for when the mold is completed.

Part Two 11:16 – Building The Fibreglass Mother Mold. NB: Best to put wax on first followed by PVA application when applying the release agent process.

Following on from the video on latex molding an ammonite fossil, we make a seven piece mother mold to house the latex mold. This video is a short and brief video showing the process and more in depth videos about molding can be found on the channel.

There are many ways to make molds and this video is showing how we make molds here at present, which is our preferred way – it works for us and what works for one person may not work for another.

The model in this video is a 500 million year old ammonite fossil which came out of the mold in one piece. The mold which has been made from the ammonite fossil is now ready to create replica fossils with concrete or any other appropriate material which is compatible with the latex mold.

Part Three 14:55 – Casting The Fossil. The final part in the series of molding & casting an ammonite fossil. In this video, we finally get around to casting the fossil in concrete and we also make a cast with plaster of Paris.

The video footage is taken from two existing videos on the channel which feature concrete and plaster of Paris casting. There are also two other parts to go with this fossil casting video which are making the latex mold and making the mother mold with fibreglass.

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Quality Concrete Casting

After a few weeks casting concrete pieces and statues at the end of August and in September here in the UK, we can show how a good quality mix of concrete will create a good quality concrete cast. There were a few ‘bug-holes here and there on this small batch of three, which can be remedied by a cement filler after the casts are cured and for future casting to spend more time tapping and vibrating unwanted air out of the molds and seeing the places in the molds where the bug-holes are likely to form.

The concrete recipe used for casting in this video: 1 X Part cement. 2 X Parts sand. 2 X Parts aggregate. PVA (UK) bonder/bonding agent. Plasticiser/plasticizer.

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