Fairy Door Crafts & Projects | Full Series

Fairy door crafts & projects full series video including archives and extras.

Part One (0:00) – Make A Fairy Door With Monster Clay.
Make a fairy door using clay. In this video a small fairy door is sculpted from Monster Clay Soft in view of making a slicone mold to reproduce further replicas from the original.

Part Two (18:22) – Pour A Silicone Mold.
Make a silicone rubber mold for a fairy door by pouring measured silicone component parts into mold house to create a mold of a model.

Part Three (25:51) – Casting With Polyester Resin.
The process of casting polyester resin is shown using silicone molds (part two) to pour the polyester casting resin into, to create solid polyester resin casts.

Part Four (32:56) – Casting With Concrete.
In this video, we use a silicone mold, made in part two, to cast a concrete fairy door.

Part Five (35:04) – Paint A Fairy Door.
Showing the painting process on a fairy door. This is the way in which we paint many items here and of course there is a vast variety of ways to paint pieces and castings.

Archives & Extras:

Part Six (41:29) – Make A Fairy Door With Recycled Items.
Make a fairy or faerie door using objects around the house and garden. Most of the items in this fairy door are used with recycled items, including a ring pull from a tin can and stones or rocks from the garden.

Part Seven (1:01:17) – Concrete Cast From Latex Mold.
You can make your latex mold from a fairy door sculpture or cast. Simply pour the concrete into the mold and wait around 24 hours for the concrete to set.

Part Eight (1:06:19) – Paint A Fairy Door II.
In this video a fairy door is painted using dry brush techniques along with regular painting techniques. The fairy door is made with concrete and is casted from an original fairy door created by Dramamask Evolution.

Part Nine (1:14:58) – Fairy Door Speed Paint.
Experimenting with painting a fairy door casted with plaster of Paris.

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Cast A Concrete Fairy Door

Cast A Concrete Fairy Door

A video showing the process of casting a fairy door with concrete, using a latex mold. You can make your latex mold from a fairy door sculpture or cast (how to make a fairy door is featured on the channel and links are in video and description). Simply pour the concrete into the mold and wait around 24 hours for the concrete to set. Concrete mixture is 2 parts sand to 1 part cement. Mix with concrete bonder, washing up liquid/dish soap, nylon fibres/polyfibers and water.
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