Molding & Casting | Silicone | Fibreglass | Gelcoat | Full Series

Molding and casting full series 4-part video.

Part One (0:00) – Make A One Piece Brush On Silicone Mold.

Make a silicone mold by brushing on layers of silicone to create a one piece mold. Using Polycraft silicone rubber, catalyst and thickener to create the mold, and adhesive aluminium tape, along with foam core to create base and flange template.

Part Two (11:12) – Make A Fibreglass Mother Mold For Silicone Mold.

This video shows how to make a one-piece fibreglass mother mold for a brush on silicone mold. Materials used: fibreglass polyester resin and MEKP catalyst, plus fibreglass matting.

Part Three (23:32) – Cleaning Up Silicone Mold & Fibreglass Mother Mold.

Cleaning up both the silicone mold and the fibreglass mother mold in this molding video series.

Part Four (28:59) – Casting With Gelcoat & Fibreglass.

Making a fibreglass cast using gelcoat, fibreglass matting and polyester resin. The fibreglass cast is casted from a silicone mold, housed in a fibreglass mother mold. The mold is made from a model of a fish.

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