Cypher Zero – Clockwork Android (Droid Future Mix)

The ‘Droid Future Mix’ of Cypher Zero’s ‘Clockwork Android’ and featured as a single with ‘Splinter (Cyborg Inception Mix) B-side. The original ‘Clockwork Android’ can be found on the self-titled album by Cypher Zero.

Cypher Zero – Insert Coin (Sunset Arcade Mix) B-Side

A remix of the retro-video-gaming-nostagia song, ‘Insert Coin’ and B-side to the single, ‘Regenerate (Simulation Mix)’. Original song from the self-titled album ‘Cypher Zero’).

Music by Cypher Zero. Produced by Moonrunner Music.

Cypher Zero – Cypher Zero (Ganymede Mix) B-Side

A remix (including guitars) of the self-titled synthwave song, ‘Cypher Zero’ and B-side to the single, ‘Cypher Zero (Europa Mix). Featuring guitars by Moonrunner Mark of Angel Rust & Moonrunner Music. Original song from the self-titled album ‘Cypher Zero’).

Music by Cypher Zero. Produced by Moonrunner Music.

Cypher Zero – Cypher Zero (Full Album 2022)

The self-titled debut album by Cypher Zero features sounds inspired by electronica, EDM, synthwave, electrorock, electropunk and traditional forms of Earth rock and punk along with alien trinkets, vibes and soundscapes.

From the nu-disco vibes of ‘Intergalactic’ to the electro rock vibes of ‘Subdivide’, interwoven with the 80s retro synthwave vibes of the self-titled melodic synth track ‘Cypher Zero’ and the 8-bit & 16-bit gaming nostalgia of ‘Insert Coin’, to the ambient and chillout tones of a cyberpunk interpretation of ‘Sisyphus’ of Greek mythology and the hypnotic-downtempo-otherworldly, but familiar ‘Regenerate’, symbolising the transience, not only of Cypher Zero, but the transient nature of sentients living on Earth and across the universe.

Cypher Zero – Insert Coin (80s Arcade Nostalgia) Music Video Mix

80s arcade video game nostalgia music video mix. ‘Insert Coin’ by Cypher Zero is a tip of the hat to 80s video games found in many arcades all over the world. This video features some of Cypher Zero’s favourite video games from back in the day! See if you can spot any of your favourites too! From Space Invaders to Space Harrier and many more!

Cypher Zero – Sisyphus (Ulysses 31 Homage) Music Video Mix

A tribute and homage video to Ulysses 31 featuring the 2022 downtempo finale tune on Cypher Zero’s self titled album and edited clips from ‘The Eternal Punishment’ which is episode 7 in the first series of Ulysses 31 and which first aired in 1981. A sci-fi take on Sisyphus from Greek mythology.

Cypher Zero – Intergalactic [Stars Of Orion Mix] (Official Audio)

We are fast approaching the stars of Orion aboard the Intergalactic star-cruiser. Orion is a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world. It is one of the most conspicuous and recognizable constellations in the night sky. It is named after Orion, a hunter in Greek mythology. Its brightest stars are blue-white Rigel and red Betelgeuse.