Drama’s Q&A | DECEMBER 2020 | CAN YOU USE RESIN IN LATEX MOLDS? | Plus Year Review

Happy Christmas to everybody and in this video we talk about using resin in latex molds and 2020 in review on the channel! Wishing everybody well and thank you to everybody who has supported the channel! Will be working on improved videos for 2021 and the future! 🙂

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Lockdown Jam 2020 | Recording Your Music Tracks | Everybody Welcome! [Closed]

If you haven’t already joined the Lockdown Jam 2020, visit Moonrunner’s jam collaboration at Kompoz here: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collabor… A full description of the Lockdown Jam can be found there and everybody is welcome!

All musical instruments, vocal voices, musical styles and levels are welcome to collaborate on this musical jam! You can upload/download files at Moonrunner’s Kompoz page. email any videos and photos to maskdrama@gmail.com

This collaboration jam is in the key of E, using chords E G A E. Please stick to this arrangement, but use any chord voicings and variations of your choice to suit your style. Time signature is 4/4 and the tempo is 160 BPM.

This video is mainly for newbies and people who want to record their music tracks via their phone device and/or computer.

Useful and relevant links to this video: https://www.kompoz.com – Music collaboration website. https://www.reaper.fm – Desktop Audio Workstation. https://www.audacityteam.org – Audio Software.

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