Cypher Zero – Intergalactic (Disco At Club Delphini Mix)

A remix of Cypher Zero’s debut single and released as a new remixed single with B-side. This is the ‘Disco At Club Delphini Mix’ and features as a two song single with ‘Intergalactic (Star Lounge Instrumental Mix)’ as a B-side. All original tracks can be found on the album, ‘Cypher Zero’.

Music by Cypher Zero. Produced by Moonrunner Music.

Cypher Zero – Clockwork Android (Droid Future Mix)

The ‘Droid Future Mix’ of Cypher Zero’s ‘Clockwork Android’ and featured as a single with ‘Splinter (Cyborg Inception Mix) B-side. The original ‘Clockwork Android’ can be found on the self-titled album by Cypher Zero.