Cypher Zero Remixed (Remix Album 2022)

Cypher Zero Remixed. A selection of songs and tunes remixed from the original Cypher Zero album of 2022. All remixed songs released as Cypher Zero A-side and B-side singles on music streaming platforms, except *Elysium Mix (Intergalactic Remix) which was remixed by RA Major and released as a RA Major single. You can also check out the original self-titled 2022 debut album by Cypher Zero here on YouTube and on music streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.

Timestamp: [00:00] 1. Intergalactic (Disco At Club Delphini Mix) [03:57] 2. Splinter (Cyborg Inception Mix) [06:40] 3. Clockwork Android (Droid Future Mix) [11:39] 4. Cypher Zero (Europa Mix) [15:33] 5. Subdivide (Mechanical Monks From Mars Mix) [20:59] 6. Gate Of Deception (Hale-Bopp Mix) [25:53] 7. Insert Coin (Sunset Arcade Mix) [28:23] 8. Regenerate (Simulation Mix) [34:14] 9. Sisyphus (Gods Of Olympus Mix) [39:54] 10. Intergalactic (Elysium Mix)* [45:18] 11. Cypher Zero (Ganymede Mix) [49:11] 12. Intergalactic (Star Lounge Instrumental Mix) [53:08] 13. Sentienz (Simulacra Mix) [57:03] 14. End