4 Halloween projects and activities for that creepy and spooky time of year!

00:00 Project One – Cartoonesque Pumpkin Carving. Satan narrates us through this year’s pumpkin carving for Halloween in October. The pumpkin design in this video might look on the kind of cute side, compared with perhaps more traditional types of pumpkin carnings, but as Satan points out – looks can be deceiving! 🙂

07:24 Project Two – Grotesque Eye Gore. Satan narrates another video for Halloween with creating horror special effects using skin safe latex, a fake plastic eyeball, colours and more to create this grotesque eye, oozing with blood, pus and gore! Totally gross! 😀

16:20 Project Three – Spooky Apples. Instead of pumpkins we experimented with carving Granny Smith apples for Halloween. Satan is back to narrate and guide through the process for this year’s fun Halloween special and capers with spooky apples!

20:42 Project Four – Sinister & Traditional Pumpkin Carving. Carve a traditional scary pumpkin head for Halloween. Eyes, nose, teeth and mouth, with particular attention to the teeth!

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