More Pumpkin Carving

Satan narrates us through this year’s pumpkin carving for Halloween in October. The pumpkin design in this video might look on the kind of cute side, compared with last year’s pumpkin carving, but as Satan points out – looks can be deceiving! 🙂

Happy Halloween everybody!!! 🙂

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Pumpkin Carving

Dramamask Evolution Halloween Special. Carve a traditional scary pumpkin head for Halloween. Eyes, nose, teeth and mouth, with particular attention to the teeth!

Scare the neighbours and trick or treaters with a Halloween pumpkin and light it up with a candle to show off the pumpkin head’s pretty and handsome features!

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Make A Skull Candle Holder

In this video, a skull is casted from plaster of Paris and a candle with a dripping effect is added to the casted skull. A hole is drilled into the top to fit a tea light candle with the finished model emulating a dripping candle over a skull. A suitable prop for this time of the year – Halloween, plus a dark piece of decor for all year round.

The model created in this video is built in view of making a latex mold, to cast further reproductions in concrete. the model will be used as the template or pattern to make the latex mold. How to make the model and a paint effects example are shown in this video. You can find out how to make a latex mold on the Dramamask Evolution channel.

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Music by Angel Rust

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