JAM TRACK | Rock | 173 BPM

Jam track or backing track for guitar or any instrument to jam along with and taken from a music track called ‘Super Ego’ which is featured on the Moonrunner Music channel. Music written by Angel Rust. 4/4 or common time signature. 173 BPM. Main key is A with a section in Bm. Rock style music.

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Angel Rust | Subdivide | Demo Mix

Demo mix of an upcoming song by Angel Rust. This song is a bit of an industrial tune. Song structure is arrange and ready for other musicians to collaborate for the finished version to be released soon.

Music written & arranged by Mark Adams.
Guitars, synth & MIDI programming by Mark Adams.

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Museweaver | On Our Wings

Music collaboration with Museweaver.

Mykk Freeman – Song Writing/Arrangement, Midi.
Bob Campbell – Lyrics & Vocals.
Mark Adams – Guitars.
Jorge Paulo – Bass.
Berg Drummer – Drums & Percussion.

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The Happy Christmas Song

The Happy Christmas Song by Polluted Halo. Featuring Silik Hunt, Ethelred the Zombie, Reginald Ainsworth, Socket, Edie Van Shaven & Irene Ainsworth.

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Jam Track | Mid-Tempo Blues Rock | Key Of E

Mid-tempo blues rock style jam track for guitar or any other solo instrument for improvisation. 180 bpm. Pretty much all power chords playing rhythm guitar, so both minor and major keys can be used in the key of E or Em.

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Edie Van Shaven | Happy Christmas Song

Edie Van Shaven & Friends – Happy Christmas Song.

Featuring Edie Van Shaven, Silik Hunt, Socket and Ethelred the Zombie.

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Sound and music also provided by Angel Rust – Moonrunner Music

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Whammy Tremolo Bar Tricks

A few practical whammy/tremolo bar techniques and tricks to use in musical compositions, jam sessions and so on…

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