Aiersi ARS-24 Slimline Guitar Review

In this video we take a look at the new Aiersi ARS-24 launched in 2019.

Solid mahogany body with maple veneer.
Solid maple neck with carbon rods and 2-way truss-rod.
Light slimline body.
Made in China with Korean made hardware parts and pick-ups.

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Ambient E Minor 6/8 93 BPM Guitar Improvisation Demo

Playing improvisational guitar over ambient backing track featured on the Moonrunner Music channel which include a guitar/other instrument backing track and a backing track for drummers.

All music written and produced by Angel Rust & Moonrunner Music.

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Boss RC-3 Loop Station Guitar Improvisation

Boss RC-3 Loop Station Guitar Jam Improvisation

Boss RC-3 Loop Station Guitar Jam Improvisation. Guitar funk jam and improvisational guitar solo. Using the Boss RC-3 Loop Station and effects from Zoom G2.1u. Guitar rhythms maybe reminiscent of Nile Rodgers’ guitar rhythms in Sister Sledge’s ‘He’s the Greatest Dancer’ along with some fusion-esque lead guitar.