Angel Rust | Plastic World | Rough Demo Mix

Plastic World by Angel Rust. Rough demo mix of the debut single to be released after mixing and mastering.

Ali Star – Vocals.
Mark Adams – Guitars & Synth.
Jorge Paulo – Bass.
Chris Bouchard – Drums.

Words & Music by Ali Star & Mark Adams.

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Eruption Cover – Edie Van Shaven Plays Van Halen’s Eruption

Guitarist Edie Van Shaven plays Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption on electric guitar at high-speed after a rock n’ roll party in England. Eruption cover by Edie Van Shaven.

Just in case you didn’t already know, this video is a parody and no illegal or performance enhancing drugs were used in this video. Polluted Halo does not advocate the use of illegal and/or performance enhancing drugs.

Stay clean brothers and sisters! 🙂

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