Connect ALESIS V25 MIDI KEYBOARD To iPad Or iPhone & PC Windows 10

This is a quick video showing how to easily connect your Alesis V25 MIDI keyboard/controller to an iPad, an iPhone and PC Windows 10. The video was made for my dad, so he can see how to connect his Alesis V25, but is also uploaded for those who might benefit from the video also. 🙂

THE LAST ALCHEMIST Isolated MIDI Synth Played Via FISHMAN TriplePlay CONNECT MIDI Guitar Controller

Isolated MIDI track from The Last Alchemist. MIDI recording created from guitar via the Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI guitar controller. Audio and MIDI recorded in Reaper and using Rewire in Reaper to link up with Ableton for the MIDI to trigger synth sounds in Ableton and through Reaper.