PART FOUR | MAKE A CELTIC MIRROR | Crystacal R Frame Prototype & Paint FX

It has been a while coming, but here is part four in the ‘making a Celtic mirror’ series. In part three we tested the mold by pouring Crystacal R plaster into the mold to create a cast. In this video we test the cast and apply some paint FX, fix a mirror inside the frame and make sure measurements and fitting is how we want it to be before proceeding and casting using materials such as concrete and fibreglass for our future finished Celtic mirrors!

Part One | Make A Celtic Mirror | Building The Model

In this video we show how to make a Celtic mirror, or Celtic mirror frame by using EVA foam to build the model, in view of making a mold. This video covers making the mirror frame model and making it ready to make a mold.

Other videos in this series include making the mold, casting the mirror frame using the mold, painting and sealing the mirror and constructing the final cast(s) of the final production.

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Music by Angel Rust

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