Cypher Zero – Sisyphus (Ulysses 31 Homage) Music Video Mix

A tribute and homage video to Ulysses 31 featuring the 2022 downtempo finale tune on Cypher Zero’s self titled album and edited clips from ‘The Eternal Punishment’ which is episode 7 in the first series of Ulysses 31 and which first aired in 1981. A sci-fi take on Sisyphus from Greek mythology.

Cypher Zero – Intergalactic (Wipeout Omega Collection) Music Video Mix

Listen to Cypher Zero’s Intergalactic (Wipeout Omega Collection) Music & Video Mix. One of the greatest racing games of all time accompanied by Cypher Zero’s Intergalactic, combining the sound FX and visuals of Wipeout with Cypher Zero’s debut nu-disco/synthwave single. Live gameplay taken from Sony’s Playstation 4.