Live Stream Guitar Sound Test #4 | Guitar Sound Latency Solved

I think I may have solved latency issues with guitar sound. When I was experiencing latency issues with the guitar sound, I put the guitar signal through two BIAS FX plugins – one plugin in Reaper for sound to OBS Studio and the standalone plugin for the window to be sent to OBS. I have now stopped using the standalone to send the image screen to OBS and now just use the plugin via Reaper which has stopped the very bad latency issues in the previous video.

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Live Stream Test #3 | Sound Latency Issues | Reaper | BIAS FX | OBS Studio | Video Media

Another test with live streaming via OBS Studio. I think we’re pretty much ready for a ‘proper’ live stream at any moment. Looks like there maybe a few latency issues to address. Grr!

Solved the latency issues in the live steam #4 test and what seemed to cause the latency issues with the guitar sound was running the guitar through two BIAS FX plugins – one in Reaper and the standalone plugin. I could only access the screen/window to put into OBS using the standalone plugin, but now, I am only using the BIAS FX plugin via Reaper to avoid sound latency issues.

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Drinks With Drama #3 | Trap Door Tribute | Dramamask Live Stream

Seems like livestream and Skype maybe behaving themselves today while sculpting Berk, Drutt and a Trap Door worm from the animated stop motion series, Trap Door. Trap Door was a popular TV series from the 80s in the United Kingdom.

The intention was to sculpt some replicas of the characters from Trap Door using polymer clay, but my sculpting skills were not on form today and the replicas did not turn out as planned. I think most of us get days when things do not turn out to our expectations, but it was a fun process all the same! 🙂 It was also a good opportunity to try out two screens while livestreaming which has been quite a task to figure out! 🙂

Drinks With Drama #2 | Music By Yours Truly & Another Test Run | Dramamask Live Stream

Quick live stream chat. I wanted to do a live video with sculpting or painting today, but for some reason, Skype is not working and I wanted to use the camera from my iPad to film what I was doing via Skype. It was working the last time I tried, but today, for some reason, it isn’t working! Grr!

Anyway, hope all is well with everybody out there! 🙂