Alien Abduction Experience #1

Alien Abduction Experience #1


My first alien abduction experience happened around mid-October of 1986. I was 13 years old and walking home from the local village shop at around 7.00pm in the evening. It was dark and I remember the weather feeling a little cold with the air filled with a strange thick fog.

Halfway along the short journey home I was walking through a small park which contained a slide for children and a few apple trees scattered here and there. I could see the entrance to the estate where I lived about ten yards in front of me and could see a white light from a street light vaguely lighting some of the houses through the fog.

I was thinking of nothing in particular when suddenly an orb-shaped object appeared above me. The object seemed to be split into three sections and radiated three colours of red, white and green. The orb-shaped object seemed to pulsate and move up close to me and then away again very quickly in a sort of curious primitive way. I had a strange but familiar intuitive sense that the object was about the size of a football. I could also sense that how it appeared physically in size was an illusion and the object contained a world inside of itself which contradicted physical reality. What felt like my intuition was in fact a communication from the object relaying information about the object itself. I also had intuitions or communications from the object reassuring me that the object was safe and meant no harm to me.

I knew I could trust the object or at least it created a feeling in myself which felt I could trust the object. This relaying of information from ‘it’ to me happened in a very short period of time – faster than if anybody could explain this to me, or if a human was to speak the information to me. The next moment I find myself being pulled into the object and find myself in what I can only describe as an infinitely spaced room with no walls and standing on a very shiny black floor which felt as if it was a living entity in itself. I felt relatively calm and felt that I was in the company of some sort of benevolent entity or entities. I was, of course wondering what I was doing in such a place and thought that perhaps I was dreaming, but communications from the entity or my intuitions were telling me this experience was real.

I stood there for a few minutes and was curious to know what was going on. I could feel a slight anxious feeling developing, but again I was reassured that everything was ok. I knew at that moment these reassurances were coming from outside of myself rather than my own intuitions. With that, what I can only describe as an ethereal swirling fog made up of light entered my body through the top of my head and towards my feet, permeating my whole body. I could see and feel the light from this fog-light entity, not with my eyes, but with the touch senses in my body. It seemed to be performing some sort of cosmic quality-control, but that is too crude a description. The entity was still sending me communications and information, but I could only really make out the reassuring communications and everything else, I couldn’t understand at my human conscious level, although there was a feeling that I was understanding the communications at a deeper level perhaps.

The fog-light entity continued to carry out its check or whatever it was doing and this lasted for what seemed like ten minutes. It felt at times as if it was checking my conscious ability and it also felt as if the entity was scanning me for information for itself. I also felt as if I was somehow related to this entity and it was parenting me in some way, but not like the parenting we associate with our human parents. After the entity had finished its ‘checking’, it evacuated my body and I noticed I was looking at the smooth black floor where I was standing. I could actually see what looked like sea creatures swimming under the surface, but I knew this material was completely solid, but then I was measuring my observation and experience with my own Earth experience and on Earth, sea creatures swim in water which is liquid. It seems that in this world, dimension, or whatever you want to call it, creatures can move about in solid material as if it was a liquid.

I felt myself being pulled down into the shiny black floor and within a few seconds I found myself back in the park facing the estate where I was walking home before I was pulled into the orb-shaped object. I saw the object in the fog-filled air and it very quickly disappeared.

I walked slowly home thinking about what I had just experienced and wondered if it had been real. I wasn’t scared and my thoughts were mostly dominated by curiosity about what had happened. I felt as if the communications of reassurance had been a sort of anesthesia to halt any fearful feelings while inside the object and I was also left with the thought that I will be visited again by this entity. I wasn’t to know at this moment, but was to discover this entity would visit me many times again in the future. I will relay each experience in successive blogs.