Make A Miniature Concrete Leaf

Make A Miniature Concrete Leaf.

In this video a miniature concrete leaf is made using a latex mold taken from a concrete cast from a natural gunnera leaf.

The same process is followed as making a concrete leaf which is featured in a video on the Dramamask Evolution YouTube channel. There is also a video of how to make a latex leaf mold also. Related videos are in this description, plus links to the videos in the video.

Using concrete with a mixture of 2 parts sand to one part cement, concrete bonder, washing up liquid/dish soap and water is all which is needed to make the actual concrete leaf cast.

The miniature concrete leaves are fun to make, as well as regular sized leaves and large leaves. Making the latex mold, will of course give you the capacity to make multiple leaves from one mold, instead of using original natural leaves just the once. It is also a bonus to preserve your favourite leaf casts in latex to reproduce over and over again! 🙂
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