How Not To Make Molds | Mold Making Fail

How Not To Make Molds – Mold Making Fail.

Sometimes things do not go our way and here is a video showing that sometimes things do not always go our way. This video shows the mistakes which can be made and in this video a plaster of Paris mother mold is being made to house a bookend model in view of being cast in concrete. Unfortunately, the making of the mother mold went wrong. The video was intended to show how the mother mold, along with the latex mold was to be made, but mistakes were made and it is back to the drawing board with this particular project.

The future mother mold will be a multi-piece mold instead of a one-piece mold which was constructed and deconstructed in this video, or the mother mold being demolished. A bit more pre-planning and thinking ahead would have been appropriate, but then mistakes are to be learned from and sometimes the only way to learn.

The ‘correct’ procedure and process will be shown in a later video! 🙂
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