Skull Craft Projects | Full Series

Skull Craft Projects – Full Series. A five part video featuring various skull related projects, including painting effects, casting and more…

If you would like to make a latex mold, here is a video which shows how to do just that: Make A Latex Mold:

Part One – Cast A Concrete Skull.
Showing the process of casting a skull with concrete, using a latex skull mold. You can make your latex mold from a skull sculpture or cast. Simply pour the concrete into the mold and wait around 24 hours for the concrete to set. Concrete mixture is 2 parts sand to 1 part cement. Mix with concrete bonder, washing up liquid/dish soap, nylon fibres/polyfibers and water.

Part Two – Concrete Skull Painting | Metallic Copper Paint Effect.
How to paint a concrete casted skull with metallic copper effect using dry-brush technique and copper effect paint. The concrete casted skull is primed with acrylic paint before applying the copper effect paint with a paint brush.

Part Three – Make A Skull Candle Holder.
In this video, a skull is casted from plaster of Paris and a candle with a dripping effect is added to the casted skull. A hole is drilled into the top to fit a tea light candle with the finished model emulating a dripping candle over a skull. A suitable prop for this time of the year – Halloween, plus a dark piece of decor for all year round.

Part Four – Concrete Skull Painting | Natural Bone Effect.
Paint a concrete skull cast using acrylic paint. Colours used are white and brown (burnt umber). Use a paintbrush to apply thinned with water brown acrylic paint to undercoated skull cast. The undercoat is painted with white acrylic paint with a hint of burnt umber to create an off-white colour, resembling natural bone. The undercoat or primed coat is best painted around 24 hours in advance for best results with applying the brown paint and wiping with a cloth for a natural looking affect.

Part Five – Concrete Skull Painting | Reactive Bronze Metallic Paint With Green Patina.
Painting reactive bronze metallic paint with green patina on a concrete skull. From priming, applying the bronze metallic paint, applying the green patina, to the final aged bronze look or effect on a casted concrete skull.

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