Make A Miniature Greenhouse From A Recycled Plastic Bottle

Make A Miniature Greenhouse From A Recycled Plastic Bottle. Make a small greenhouse using recycled plastic bottles. In this video a plastic cider bottle is used, but many plastic bottles can be used to serve the same purpose. The bottle is cut in half with the lower part of the bottle acting as a pot where the soil is filled and the seeds planted, with the upper part of the bottle acting as the greenhouse.

Hole are drilled into the base of the lower part of the bottle to give drainage to the soil and holes are drilled into the upper greenhouse part of the bottle to serve as aerating the greenhouse section. You can unscrew the cap of the bottle to serve as a watering hole when soil needs watering.

In this video, seeds from a dwarf sunflower were sown for demonstration and obviously a variety of seeds can chosen for sowing.

It’s good to recycle and especially at an individual level and we can all do our part with our own personal waste.

The miniature greenhouse doubles up as a pot which can be used in conjunction with planters. Dramamask Evolution has made and is making concrete planters and will make a concrete planter specifically for the plastic bottle featured in this video. An example of planters and ideas for combining recycled bottle for pots along with planters is shown towards the end of the video.
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