Make A Three Piece Fibreglass Mother Mold | Full Series

Part One: 0:00
In this part we concentrate on making the seams with aluminium foil, applying the release agent with consists of Carnauba wax and PVA solution.

Part Two: 06:12
In this part we lay up the fibreglass layers using polyester laminating resin, MEKP catalyst and strand matting.

Part Three: 14:33
In this part we attach the legs to the main fibreglass mother mold using pieces of wood for the legs.

Part Four: 19:27
The final part in this series of making a three-piece fibreglass mother mold. In this video, we trim the legs, drill the holes to fix the bolts in place and clean up!

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Make A Two Piece Fibreglass Mother Mold | Full Series

Make A Two Piece Fibreglass Mother Mold | Two Part Series.

Note: On occasion we make a two piece fibreglass mother mold, but we advise to make fibreglass mother molds with at least three pieces, to avoid any problems with removing the fibreglass mother mold pieces away from the latex mold.

Part One: 0:00
NB: Correction to video: Put wax on first and then PVA – I had a brain malfunction during applying the wax and PVA during this video.

Building a two-piece fibreglass mother mold using polyester fibreglass resin, fibreglass matting & MEKP catalyst for the mother mold. Aluminium tape is used for the seam, plus PVA mold release and Carnauba wax for the mold release agent.

Part Two: 11:39
In this part we attach wooden legs using fibreglass to the fibreglass mother mold. We also drill holes for bolts to keep the mother mold secure and in place, to keep the latex mold in shape ready for concrete casting.

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Make A Fibreglass Mother Mold For Silicone Mold

This video shows how to make a one-piece fibreglass mother mold for a brush on silicone mold. Materials used: fibreglass polyester resin and MEKP catalyst, plus fibreglass matting.

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