My First Acrylic Painting – Space Baby Buddha

This was my first painting using acrylic paint and was painted back in 2001. Seems like yesterday and was 20 years ago as from the date if this video. The painting is called ‘Space Baby Buddha’ and features some spiritual and perhaps religious themes, although I myself am not religious or follow any kind of religious ideology. This is just a short video with a short chat while I put a frame around the painting 20 years later.

Psychedelic Snail | Drawing & Painting In Procreate

Drawing and painting a psychedelic snail in Procreate on the iPad Mini 5. Starting out with a photo of a snail and tracing the outline to create a unique psychedelic snail in a psychedelic universe! 🙂

I am thinking about doing more indepth videos to do with drawing in Procreate using an iPad. I am not sure whether to put the videos on this channel or my other channel at Dramamask Evolution. Let me know if this is something which interests you and will do more Procreate and iPad drawing/painting videos. If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and subscribe!

Update August 2018 | Projects | EVA Foam Modelling | Molding & Casting

Quick video update by Dramamask Evolution for the month of August 2018. Brief rundown on recent and current projects.

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Music by Angel Rust

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