Quick & Messy Alginate Hand Lifecasting With Object

Quick video using alginate to make a mold for a hand cast and an object. I had to use some out of date alginate, just to use it up and thought I would experiment with casting a hand holding an object which was/is a small ball based on a drawing I did a while back.

The video is a bit rough and ready and shows what not to do in parts, for example, pour your alginate powder into water, rather than pour the water into the alginate powder. Find yourself suitable containers to house the alginate in accordance to your project.

Try to release as much air as you can by tapping the mold after pouring the plaster of Paris into the alginate. Go careful when cutting the alginate away from your lifecast to avoid damaging your plaster of Paris cast.

The alginate used in this video is a 3/1 mix, which means 3 parts water to 1 part alginate. The plaster of Paris was mixed to a 50/50 mix, which means 1 part plaster of Paris to 1 part water or 50% water to 50% plaster of Paris.

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