Agoraphobic Nomad | Personality


It seems that people who experience, endure and develop anxiety conditions are very creative and imaginative. We can envisage scenarios, may enjoy writing, creating poetry, creating art, creating music and so on.

Being creative and imaginative has it’s ‘downside’, as we can also imagine and create dark, negative and scary scenarios in our heads. Coupled with a sensitivity, or even an over-sensitivity to our environment and our ‘inner-world’, the ‘dark side of creativity’ can and usually will produce feelings of fear, uncertainty and anxiety.

There seem to be so many traits which contribute to an individual’s personality and character and obviously everybody is unique and different. I have enjoyed taking personality tests over the years and have taken the Myers Briggs/Jung Personality type test. The test is a simple test and I have included the link to the test here. I view the test as just having a bit of fun, but also may reveal an insight to our own personality characteristics. Obviously, a human-being can not be measured by taking a short personality test, as we are far more complex than that. Nevertheless, the test may be fun, interesting and insightful.

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(Written June 2015).