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Emotional Resistance

One of the biggest obstacles I have faced since experiencing panic disorder and high-anxiety is ’emotional resistance’ to change. Over the course of time, I had/have developed unhealthy behaviours, such as using alcohol, procrastinating and not doing the things which would create positive change and positive behaviours. Of course, both positive and negative behaviours, once learned, turn into habitual behaviours. I have found my own emotional resistance has hindered me to recover and affects motivation to change and move forward. I have also found, when feeling emotional resistance and wanting to do what I need to do to improve is to push through the emotional resistance. At times, this may feel uncomfortable, but have found it to be very satisfying when ‘doing’ whatever is needed to be done for a healthier state of mind.

It has been easier for me to self-medicate with alcohol, instead of facing my fears, leaving things until ‘tomorrow’ which would benefit me if they were done today. ‘Tomorrow’, of course, never comes.

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(Written June 2015).