Recipes With Silik Hunt | Spicy Tomato Sauce

Make your own spicy tomato sauce with Silik Hunt. This tomato sauce is sexy, silky and spicy – that’s right – sexy, silky and spicy!

One tin of tomatoes 400g
One teaspoon of salt
Pepper to taste
Crushed chillies to taste
Oregano to taste
Basil to taste
One teaspoon of sugar
Four to five garlic cloves or to taste

Put the tinned tomatoes into your blender. Chop and crush your garlic and add all the ingredients to together into the blender, including salt, pepper, crushed chillis, oregano, basil and sugar, along with the tinned tomatoes and crushed garlic.

Simply blend the ingredients together to make this divinely tasting spicy tomato sauce.

Brought to you by Silik Hunt.

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